Our Secret Nook anthology

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Pages: 323

Genre: , ,

Authors join together to support anti-bullying efforts with their words. Each has chosen one of three prompts and created a short story for your enjoyment.

1. You're alone in your home and you keep hearing someone call out your name. What do you do?

2. Walking through an art gallery you come across a painting of yourself as a child, but it was painted more than 100 years ago.
How is this possible?

3. Driving on a dark, deserted road, your car breaks down, there is no cell service. A guy stops and offers you a ride. Do you take it? 

After the love of her life was KIA in Afghanistan, Inaya has to pick up the pieces of her life. Caelum had been her world and she was lost without him. Even after she picks up the threads of her life and moves to a new place, it's as if he's still with her.

Is it possible? Is it possible that Caelum is still, somehow, nearby? Or is it nothing more than the whisper of a wish?

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