Book Haul: the holiday edition

Posted 1.4.2022 | Tuesday
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Does my family know me? Yes, they do. My holiday haul was book heavy in all the right genres and topics! I love, love, love them all! Here they are, in all their glory!

genre: true crime

I’m reading this one right now, about 50 pages to go. It’s a chonker, coming in at around 500 pages. It’s about Arthur Shawcross, who was from northern New York, barely an hour from my hometown. I thought I knew a lot about this case going into it. I did not!! It’s a disturbing read, but absolutely fascinating.

genre: ya dystopian

Girls are told that their skin gives off an aphrodisiac, one that tempts men but makes women jealous. So they are banished for their sixteenth world so that they can release their “magic” into the wild. It’s an experience that is supposed to purify them, making them ready for marriage. That year is fraught with danger, but just who is the biggest threat?

I can’t wait to read this!

genre: true crime

This is the story of Daniel Wozniak, an actor who committed a double murder. I first ran across this guy on the old MSNBC show Lockup, and I’ve watched a ton of documentaries about him. It’s a fascinating story, so I’m sure this book will be very interesting!

genre: fantasy

Not only is this my favorite author and a book from my favorite series, but the version I got as a gift from my eldest is a signed British copy. I love, love, love this. It has a different cover than this, blue and gold and beautiful!

genre: travel guide/nonfiction

This is an interesting one, and one I greatly appreciate. It’s a travel guide, but so much more than what is the usual in such things. I live here, and thusly have a front-row seat to the problems brought to this beautiful land. This book guides people away from the tourist things and those things fraught with troubling history and moves them toward true Hawaiian culture and history. It’s beautifully written, and I wish every tourist who comes to the islands considers this as their guide.

genre: nonfiction

It’s become a game for my kids to randomly pick this up off the coffee table and quiz me. I’m happy to report that I’m right more often than I’m wrong!

genre: crafty

I have a couple other books in this series, and I love them. My kid knows me well and bought me this one. There are so many cute patterns, which leaves me hard-pressed to pick one to work on next!

genre: true crime

This is written by a guy who firmly believes that his biological father is the Zodiac Killer. To this day, the killer has not been conclusively identified. I can’t imagine feeling that my own father was capable of such horror.

genre: true crime

David Berkowitz is infamous for being the Son of Sam. But there are many, including this author, who have always viewed Berkowitz’s confession with skepticism. Some of the speculation has been that Berkowitz did not act alone, instead joining forces with a cult that is known to be involved with other, similar murders. I haven’t read much about these theories, so this should be interesting.

genre: cookbook

Just looking at this book brings me joy! I can’t wait to dive in and make some of the things inside. It’s pure magic, and I live for it!

genre: crafty

Am I immediately going to make Dobby? Yes, I am. This book is full of crafty wonder, and lots of tidbits and backstory about the books and movies. I LOVE IT!

genre: true crime/cookbook

This isn’t as morbid as it sounds. Okay, maybe it is. The book is a wild blend of stories about serial killers and a cookbook of recipes of the last meals these killers ate before execution. Yes, I’m into it!

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