Unleashed anthology

Release Date: 22 August 2018

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About Unleashed...

Paranormal creatures break free from the chains that bind them but will love be able to save them all. 
Unleash the witches, shifters, demons and many other creatures that will have you on the edge of your seat, while discovering a new world of romance. 
Traverse the dark worlds, urban fantasy's, legends and more with all your favorite paranormals on their quest for love. Endure the conflict and struggles alongside them on each journey. 
Allow us to tantalize your fantasies and steal your hearts in this limited time collection of 15 short stories. 
Will love be able to save them all? 

About Trust in Chaos...

In a post-apocalyptic world that has been left almost destroyed by warfare, both traditional and magical, life is on the brink of extinction. The world has been thrown into complete anarchy. Humanity is struggling to survive not just the wasteland, but disease and warring factions trying to take over this new world. Magic is intermittent at best and those that control it are widely sought in the quest for power. Some have chosen to side with power, but there are others... those who have chosen to help restore order and heal the world.

Akiko is kitsune, sworn to protect humanity. She and her friends come across a group of survivors trying to survive in a world that has gone crazy. The survivors have refused to give into the warlords, no matter how hard their lives have become. Jaxon, a former infantry soldier in what was once the United States, has become the de facto leader and trusts no one outside his group. When Akiko and her friends offer help, he senses something different about them and refuses. But they don't go away without a fight and Jaxon begrudgingly begins to trust them, especially Akiko. The bond that is beginning to grow between them becomes tested.

How do you trust when the world is in utter chaos? Can you find your soul mate when everything else in the world is falling apart?


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