Cringey Book Talk: The 70’s Edition

Posted 8.3.2022 | Wednesday
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The 70’s were iconic in so many ways. Disco, Star Wars, cults, Farrah Fawcett (and her hair), roller skates, weird decor colors, 8-tracks, mood rings, and a plethora of serial killers. Also… cringey books. And I suspect, considering the 70s, they were unintentionally so. Here are six of the cringiest…

Published: 1972

This gem was written as a “how to” for men. This little bit from the back cover should set the scene… “…how to manipulate her into being a willing, eager, sensuous sex partner…”

Published: 1979

This seems legit. A step-by-step guide to, among other things, increasing the size of your boobs. The best part of this book is the reviews.

Published: 1977

The cringe is all the way through this one. The most obivous? That unfortunate title. According to the blurb, the book is supposed to teach a dad how to love their kids meaningfully. Ooookay.

Published: 1976

I couldn’t find a blurb, but it’s the 70s, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s cringey.

Even the blurb is cringey… “You’re fifteen and flustered? Sixteen and swinging? Seventeen and sexy?” Even a young Cheryl Tiegs on the cover isn’t enough to help this.

Published: 1974

Apparently this is erotic fiction. Cool. But that title? NOT sexy…

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