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Posted 4.25.2023 | Tuesday
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a book valet!

What is a book valet, you might ask? This lovely item below!

all photos can be clicked on for a larger view.

I absolutely love being able to support small businesses, so being able to support a shop like Millie Dot Designs makes me very happy! In the interest of full disclosure, the owner-creator is an old friend of mine; I’ve known Kelly for a lifetime and a day! She is a smart, talented lady with an eye for design and function. This is one of my favorite things she’s created, both beautiful and multifunctional.

The book valet is handcrafted from wood and leather, and it comes in both a light wood option and a dark one. As I said, it’s multifunctional. In the photo at the top, you can see a groove. That groove allows you to use the book valet as a stand to prop up your Kindle or iPad, allowing you to read hands-free. That’s great for someone like me who likes to crochet while I read, or for someone to use in the kitchen with a recipe on the screen. With something like a book bone, a booktopus, or some other device to hold open your book, you could use it for a paperback or hardcover, too!

It’s also perfect for holding your place in a paperback or hardcover, like in the photo on the left above. The angle of the valet is gentle enough that it won’t damage the spines of your books, as you can see in the photo to the right above. And one of my favorite features is that band of leather across the top. It’s a thoughtful finishing touch that will protect the pages of your books!

I love that it’s so compact and easy to move from place to place, but has room for all those little things I could want as a reader! And, being the coffee lover that I am, I love that it has a built in coaster just waiting for me! The little tray next to the coaster is super handy, too. Perfect for holding reading glasses, which I sadly need, but also a great place to leave a pen and some little write-on Post-It-style tags. I keep a stash of those near my reading area to mark things in books, or make little notes. Having an easy place for them is wonderful!

But wait… there’s more!

The little nook under the tent is a perfect place to stash your phone and charge it, too. Kelly’s added little ports in the back (the photo on the right) that make it easy to thread charging cables through. You could charge your Kindle or iPad right on the valet! There’s plenty of room in there for a small notebook or pad, too, if you like having something nearby to make notes on.

I love, love, love this! It’s so handy and has so many potential uses. It puts everything you could need right at hand. And it’s so pretty, too! It’s the perfect bookish thing for yourself or another bookworm in your life.

You can see more photos and get one at Kelly’s shop here!

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