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Posted 9.14.2022 | Wednesday
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One of my creative writing teachers in college told us that if you want to be a better writer, you should read as much as you write. I took that advice to heart, using it to thoroughly justify my reading obsession. Even before I began writing, I was a next-level bookworm!

I’m also a hardcore mood reader, which seems to go hand in hand with eclectic reading tastes. I think I’ve proven that with my recent book hauls over the last couple of months! I present to you… a look at my inner brain!

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This one was a birthday gift! I’ve been a huge New York Rangers fan since practically birth, which my husband is very aware of. As the sole hockey person in my immediate family, I’m lucky he feeds my obsession!

I just finished this one a couple days ago, and it was so good! I’m a true crime buff, so it was practically custom-made for me. There were so many references, and the two romantic leads were smart and witty. It’s a romance, but there were some deeply serious moments that were so relatable. Love, love, love!

I haven’t read this one yet, one of my August Book of the Month picks. I’m a sucker for a good thriller, and this one has some great reviews!

This was another birthday gift, a true-crime one set within the Amish community. I grew up very near several Amish communities in northern New York, so that aspect really appealed to me. I’m reading it right now, and it’s so engrossing.

This is another one of my August Book of the Month picks, which I also haven’t read yet. But it’s ghosty and gothicy, so it’s on my TBR for the spooky season!

My hubby really fed my true-crime soul with this, another birthday gift. I’ve always been obsessed with the Manson story, in how he could manipulate so many to do his bidding. This one is written by two of the Manson girls. It’s next up on my true-crime TBR.

Because one can’t have too many Manson books, my hubby got me this one, too. It’s written by a journalist in cooperation with two other Manson girls, and I CAN’T WAIT!

I got this one in my September Book of the Month box! It gives me Red vibes, a group of 60yo women who just happen to be former assassins. It’s a thriller that I can’t wait to read!

This is another September Book of the Month pick, the sequel to The Family Upstairs. They are twisty psychological thrillers with serious cult vibes.

I love everything Sarah Addison Allen writes! She’s the queen of magical realism, a genre I feel is underappreciated. So I can’t wait to start this.

Last but not least, another birthday present. I could care less about celeb gossip and all that. But I love old Hollywood. It comes from being a Katharine Hepburn fan. This book is also a little bit of true crime, which gives it bonus points. There would more bonus points if it covered Kate’s time being blackballed in Hollywood as a Communist in the 1950’s… in part because she wore pants and was a feminist before her time!

So what have you hauled lately?

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