spring reading: the 2023 edition

Posted 4.7.2023 | Friday
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I love reading books in sync with the season, probably because I live in a place where the concept of four seasons is abstract at best. So I’ve curated a list of springish books, some new and some older, to add to my TBR and yours!

genre: contemporary fiction
audience: adult
release date: 1 January 2023

This has all the springtime “fresh start” vibes! It’s all about starting over, second chances, and rediscovering who you once were, even finding a new path ahead.

genre: contemporary fiction/humor
audience: adult
release date: 1 April 2018

Like Georgie, All Along, Digging In is about starting over, finding a new normal. It’s about making something of the chaos, something you can build a future on.

genre: rom-com
audience: young adult
release date: 28 May 2019

I Love You So Mochi is about discovery and growth, about digging deep and finding understanding in the world, and people, around you.

genre: contemporary fiction
audience: adult
release date: 2 May 2017

This one, too, is about starting over, even when it would be easier to give in and give up. It’s about finding the light after the darkest of times, the perfect springy vibe!

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