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Posted 11.30.2022 | Wednesday
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I’m a hardcore mood reader. And part of that is being a seasonal reader. Especially now that I live in Hawai’i, I read those books to make me feel the seasons that I don’t really have anymore. Once September 1st hits, it’s witchy and paranormal cozy mysteries. And after Thanksgiving, that turns to winter cozies, holiday reads, and books with winter settings. So I thought I’d share some of my favorites, and some that I want to read this year!

This is a YA retelling of The Christmas Carol, with a twist in the form of Project Scrooge. The OG story was woven into this new version, making a central part of the plot, which was very unique. It’s a lovely balance of the classic and the new.

This is on my TBR this season. The main character is Jewish… and secretly she loves Christmas. She’s also a novelist of Christmas stories. It sounds like a great holiday read!

I love this book so much! There are funny moments, sad moments, beautiful moments. And there’s a bit of a twist that totally turns the story on end!

This is the first of fifteen books in the series! It’s a collab of five authors, each writing three books over the course of the series. Each author has their own lead characters, but the characters are sprinkled through all the authors’ books. These are set in a magical holiday town where it’s Christmas all year. So good!

This is a Diwali novel starring Niki Randhawa. She’s always the practical person, ordered and neat. But then she embarks on an impulsive journey and discovers a side to herself she’d never known she had. This book is high on my TBR this season!

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