Writing Up Wednesday #3

Posted 2.13.2017 | Monday
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Writing Up Wednesday is a brand new meme created by Lizzy of The Bent Bookworm, this one for authors!

Writing Up Wednesday #3:  Which Character is Your Favorite?

It’s ok. You can be honest. We all have them. That one character you get excited to write about, your fingers just fly across the keys. Or maybe it’s two characters…together. Or maybe it’s your bad guy. Oooh.


Right now it is probably my two lead characters in my book that’s soon to publish.  Cassidy and Finn.  My muse for Finn was Colin O’Donoghue, and that made him deliciously fun to write.  Cassidy’s personality was highly derived from my own so that made her comfortable to play with.

I am in the planning process for another book and that still unnamed character, a girl, is quickly taking me over!

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