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The idea of true love… it’s something that we’ve all probably thought about time and time again from the time we were old enough to dream about it. Do you know how many scientific studies there have been about various aspects of love and relationships. And there’s a billion dating sites out there, all designed to help us find our soul mate. Pick up just about any lifestyle magazine and there’s sure to be an article that mentions soul mates and how to find yours. There’s even a WikiHow article on how to find your ideal mate. I shit you not. Look for yourself here! The bottom line is that true love and soul mates are something the world is obsessed with.

Some of us knew exactly who we’d marry before we even understood what it meant to be married. I, for one, was convinced I was going to marry a certain local cop. It didn’t matter that he was pushing my dad’s age and he was married with kids, one of which became my friend years later. Awkward!

And then our first loves. True, some of us fell in love and stayed in love with our first loves. But most of us didn’t. I remember the first boy I fell in love with. I met him the very first day of my sophomore year of high school. I was the new girl, a transfer, and his locker was right next to me. He was funny and I thought he was adorable. Within weeks, we were in deep, so deep that everyone thought we’d be that couple. The one who found love young and would spend our lives together. Well, that went to hell midway through junior way with an epic and resounding crash.

But it makes me think about how much my ideas of true love have changed. When I was 16, it was all about a cute boy who was smart and made me laugh. That was all I needed back then. Not so anymore. Those things are still on my list, but the list has grown.

Book boyfriend, real-life husband… it doesn’t matter. I want the same things in my “perfect man.”¬†Smokin’ hot is great, but he has to be smart and he has to be able to make me laugh. Those things haven’t changed. We need common ground, too. He doesn’t have to agree with me on everything I believe or like, but there should be a balance. He should be open, open in thoughts and in experiences. He needs to love me no matter how perfectly imperfect I am. He needs to have my back, even when the going gets rough.

That’s what I like my book boyfriends to be about, in the books I write and the books I read. I love a guy who is sweet and who embraces all life has to offer. I love a guy who can roll with the good and the bad without running away, a guy who knows how to put someone else first. Tattoos don’t hurt…!

What about you? What is your idea of the perfect love muffin?

Now I leave you with Pink and Carey Hart as she tells it like it is!

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