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It’s impossible to know what you would do to escape a shitty marriage and give your daughters a fair shot at success?

Master Class by Christina Dalcher

This book is the second novel from Christina Dalcher, another dystopian one.

Dystopian fiction is one of my favorite genres. I love the play between that which is dystopian and that which is utopian. It is a universal truth that while a new world may be utopian for some, there are always others for whom it is dystopian. Every “utopia” is created by eliminating those aspects of society that are deemed by the elite to be detrimental, emphasizing those deemed important. And I enjoy exploring what different authors choose to make the focus of their world.

In the world of Master Class, intelligence is that focus. The Department of Education is essentially more powerful than the presidential administration. The new world order functions in a way that’s very similar to the social credit system that is being developed by China. Every aspect of life is determined by one’s intelligence/education. It touches on the themes of eugenics, too, as a part of the new world order, with characters hearkening back to WWII. The indoctrination of society serves as a warning with the world in this book accepting small changes, and then ever bigger ones until the world has seemingly changed overnight.

It’s an amazing read!!

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