Help Wanted: Normal People Need Not Apply

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Anyone who knows me knows that I have an undying love for Jensen Ackles. It’s deep and it’s real. I’ve loved him since before Supernatural, since the Smallville days. And this movie… it’s one of my favorites. It’s an indie flick that never made it to theaters, instead going straight to DVD release in 2009. So, it has never gotten the love it deserves. The entire cast, not just my Jensen, is fantastic. Elisabeth Harnois (I loved her in Keith, too, with Jesse McCartney.), Sean Patrick Flanery (I loved him in Boondock Saints!), Clea DuVall, and more. It also stars Jensen’s future wife Daneel Ackles. The soundtrack is pretty awesome, too, with a bunch of tracks by Bethany Joy Lenz, Haley from One Tree Hill.

the story

Four friends deal with their love lives and learn about themselves while working in a funky sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, California.

With the humor and heart of Empire Records, The Breakfast Club, and Mystic Pizza here comes Ten Inch Hero. It’s much more than a sandwich, it’s a story about finding love where you least expect it.

Sex, love and laughs are part of the everyday life in this quirky little sub shop in Santa Cruz. For the group of friends who work there, it’s an oasis on the complex journey through relationships. A place where they can lean on each other as they find their way through their ups and downs.

Piper comes to town in search of the child she gave up for adoption years earlier, but is surprised at what she finds.

Tish is a knockout and uses her sexuality to get her way. But when will she learn that sex is more than a weapon and find true love?

The irreverent and horny Priestly dispenses free-wheeling comic advice to anyone who will listen, but how long can he hide his own feelings?

Shy Jen watches life pass by, afraid to reach out, except through her e-mail romance with a mysterious stranger. Maybe after Piper and Tish teach her a few things, she’ll be ready to meet her online lover in person.

Trucker, a surfer child of the 60s, owns the sub shop. He’s an old soul with a lot of experience. So why does he need his young staff to help him discover the love of his life?

The sign out front says it all: “Help Wanted: normal people need not apply.”

-taken from the movie’s website

So, why do I love this movie so much? The story lines and the characters. There isn’t just one main plot, but several that weave together. For Jen, it’s the story of self-esteem and trust. Tish’s story also revolves around self-esteem, but it’s a very different story from Jen’s. For Trucker, it’s about learning to forgive yourself and finding love. Piper has to struggle with loss and trying to find her way through life with unanswered questions. And then there is the story of Priestly, Jensen’s character. His story is about acceptance, about seeing beyond the surface to the truth of a person inside. In a lot of ways, his story pulls all the others together. Each one of these characters, even if you’ve never been in their situation, is someone you can understand. There are bits of me with every one of the characters.

The movie is on both Amazon and iTunes, for download. How about a trailer or two?

And probably my favorite funny scene in the entire movie…

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