In a reading slump?

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Sometimes I get in a reading slump. Maybe it’s right after I’ve finished an amazing read. You know, the kind that leaves you with a massive book hangover. Or maybe I’m just in a rut. Either way, I pick up a book, I put it down. Nothing feels quite right. So what do you do to get out of it?

Well, here are some tips that have worked for me!

Reorganize your bookshelves.

Sometimes just putting your hands on some of the books you already own can be enough! Maybe you find your next read, one you forgot you even owned. Think of it as shopping your own shelves!

Try a novella or collection.

A shorter work could be exactly what you need to break free from a recently finished book that just isn’t ready to let you go.

Try a different genre.

Maybe breaking free of your usual habit will get you out of your reading rut. Embrace the slump and try something new.

Reread an old favorite.

Pick up a book you remember loving. I do that a lot, and it really helps bring me back into the reading fold!

Ask for recommendations.

One thing social media is great for is the book community. Get on there and ask for recommendations. Maybe a new author is what you need!

Try a reading challenge.

Reading challenges are great for getting yourself out of a slump. There are tons of them out there, so just do a search and find one that sounds appealing. Or do one of your own. My son and I have our own library challenge. We choose a theme and pick books for each other. We’ve done covers only, titles only, books we think the other will like, books we want the others to read. The only stipulations are that they’re fiction and standalones. We’ve read some great ones that way!

And sometimes you just need to take a break from reading. Let your mind settle, and don’t sweat it!

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