One Line Wednesday: Eclipsed Edition

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I didn’t like being that girl. I didn’t like jumping to conclusions before having all the facts. But finding some bitch lounging on his couch with her boobs hanging out was hard to ignore.

Holly, from Eclipsed

Okay, so this is actually three lines. But I couldn’t use one without the others and still have it make sense!

As a woman, I would totally be in Holly’s shoes. I’m not a generally jealous person. I never have been. I’ve always had guy friends, and I’ve never cared if the man of the moment had chick friends. Jealousy is so not my thing that if I was with a guy who got jealous, it was a sure sign that the relationship was doomed.

However… if I walked in and found some chick lounging around like that, I’d have a hard time not jumping to some conclusions and not throwing down some drama. There are limits to my laid-back ways, and boobs that aren’t mine are at that limit!

Eclipsed is a contemporary romance, one that was kind of cathartic to write. Pretty much the entire first third of the book was autobiographical, which made it a little scary to put out in the world. But the names of the innocent (and the not-so-innocent) were changed, even if anyone who knew me back in a day would know exactly who and what I’m referring to! It’s a story of first loves and second chances! It’s available for purchase at the links here.

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