One Line Wednesday: Last Night Edition

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His open eyes still stared at me, looking in death as they did in life—empty and soulless.

-From Last Night, released 21 September 2019

Last Night is a dark thriller, very different than anything I’ve written before. It explores the darkest corners of the mind, maybe makes you question yourself a little bit, too. It’s a psychological thriller with a lot of twists and turns, released just in time for the October spooky season!

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Terrifying visions torment Starra. Lost moments of time and flashes of images too horrific to accept fill her with icy fear so complete she can’t escape it. With too many unanswered questions, she needs answers. Now. It’s her only hope if she wants to save what’s left of her shattered mind and soul.   

Unlike Starra, Mina cares nothing for her soul. Damned long ago, she’s too scarred for redemption. There are people meant to enjoy lives of love and family and friends. Mina isn’t one of these people. Her life is in the shadows, unafraid of the dark… until she realizes that something lurks in those shadows, something that wants to tear her apart.   

One never knows what the darkness hides…  

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