Reading Challenges: 2019 Edition

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This may be something you don’t know about me, but I used to be a book blogger. I still am, from time to time. And reading challenges were my jam! I LOVE THEM! It’s a fun way to look at your reading habits and, more importantly, it’s a good way to branch out and find new authors and genres, too. There are a few out there, too, that are very motivating for me to tackle that ever rising TBR list.

This post is going to be the first in a series of posts about reading challenges. A lot of those will be curated lists of books that fit a genre, or maybe a theme, or even a specific challenge. Maybe some of them will inspire you to join some challenges and read some new and fabulous books in 2019. And don’t let it overwhelm you. Sometimes, a single book will count for more than one challenge! If you are looking for more challenges, Girl XOXO has an awesome master list here!

So far, these are the challenges I’m going to do:

Alphabet Soup (A-Z) Challenge: I’ve done this one before and it can be a challenge.
Alphabet Soup (A-Z): Author Edition: This one is a new edition, reading books by authors whose first/last name begins with A-Z.
Monthly Motif Challenge: I’ve done this one before,too. Each month is a different theme to read, which can take you in new directions.
Mount TBR Challenge: This one is great for knocking books off the TBR!
Pop Sugar Book Challenge: There’s a handy printable for this one, too, in the post. I love this challenge because there is both a basic list and an advanced add-on.
Reese Witherspoon’s Book List: This one isn’t a challenge, per say, but it is my challenge to read catch up and read all the books on this ever growing list.

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