Sunday Snippet: Tangled Love Edition

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How about a little bit of Tangled Love, my novella that is a part of Tangled Tree Publishing’s first anthology, A Dark Spring? It releases on 11 April 2020.

When I unleashed the storm of my shame and guilt on him that night, I knew where it would end. I knew it. And still I didn’t stop. I’d pushed and pushed, mindful of the fact that he’d drunk far more whiskey that night than was usual. He’d warned me, telling me more than once to back off, to calm down. And still I didn’t stop.

The sting of his hand across my face silenced me.

But it also filled me with heat, a sick, depraved heat that wanted more, that needed more. His eyes, instantly turned to shock at the slap of his skin against mine, narrowed, and I could see the moment he realized I wanted more, and that he would give me more. It was as if a lid of ice slid down, and he raised his arm, pulling it back to his ear before swinging it forward once again.

Now available for preorder!

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