Sunday Snippets: The Last Night Edition

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My book released YESTERDAY! This is my favorite book to date, dark and twisted! So I thought I’d share a little bit of that today!

It was more than the absence of light that was disorienting. It was the total absence of anything at all. No light, no sound, no nothing. It was complete sensory deprivation. The deprivation of all my senses was so complete that I almost couldn’t separate myself from the world around me. It wasn’t warm and it wasn’t cold, my body temperature no different than the air around me. It was like even my own body had ceased to exist.

There was little to prove otherwise. The sound of my own heartbeat in my ears. The pain in my head that throbbed in perfect rhythm. For once, I was almost grateful for the pain. It was all I had to prove that I existed as something more than an inseparable part of nihility.

I didn’t know if I was standing, if I was sitting, if I was lying down, or even if I was floating in the same void that had taken so much of my life already. Pushing a hand out into the darkness, I searched for something, anything, outside of myself. Only my hand didn’t move. I struggled to feel my arms and legs, to move them. When they didn’t, panic surged through me. I couldn’t move a muscle. What the hell is going on? No matter how hard I concentrated, nothing happened.

Every second felt like hours as I lay in that abyss, almost completely paralyzed. It wasn’t long before fear knocked at the door to my mind. At first, it was just whispers by quiet unseen voices. “Starrrrra.” But they got louder, saying my name with more aggression and angst. “Starrrra. Starrra!” They came at me from every direction like tiny invisible darts. Another voice joined them, deeper and carrying more danger in its tone. In an instant, the fear became palpable. Some part of my mind, the part that remained sane, told me that none of this was real. But it wasn’t enough to shake the horror that swept through me.

It wasn’t long before I began to see things in the dark. Shifting shadows where there should have been no shadows at all. Darkness that somehow became even more bottomless, even more dark.

Last Night is available at your favorite online retailer now, in ebook and in paperback!

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