Sunday Snippets: The Scarlet Ribbon Edition

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Here is another little Sunday snippet from my WIP, The Scarlet Ribbon. I’m having so much fun writing this book! Unexpected characters, snarky humor, a ton of fun and romance and steamy moments!

© Kim Deister, The Scarlet Ribbon

“Not a nerkin, sugar. A merkin.” Coco said, dissolving into laughter at my expense.
“What the fuck is a merkin?” I asked, staring across the desk at my boss, who sat behind it, still chortling. Despite the fact that it sounded suspiciously like “gherkin,” I suspected it had nothing to do with pickles. Although in this business, anything was possible.
“Sometimes I forget how sweet and innocent you are, how pure,” she teased me.
“I was a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. I’m long past sweet and innocent. This is simply part of a different knowledge base with which I’m not familiar. No Merkin 101 in law school.”
“It’s very sexy when you speak Lawyerese, you know,” Coco said, causing me to roll my eyes in mock frustration.

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