Tuesday Teaser: Last Night Edition

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This month is release month for my long anticipated thriller, Last Night. I can’t wait for this book to be out in the world! To think it started from a short, 2500-word college exercise!

That’s right… it started as a paper for a college writing class I took a few years ago. The teacher asked for a few volunteers to write a short piece for a lesson on critiquing. Each of us were assigned a different prompt for a fiction piece. It was then posted online for our classmates to read and critique. It was writing that stuck with me, eventually becoming the end of Last Night. Yep, I wrote the book backwards, in a way. What the book became is very different from how it started, too! I was literally halfway through the first draft when I had a flash of insight on how to totally change it. I went with it, keeping what I wrote but adding a whole other level to it. And now we have Last Night, a psychological thriller to be released 21 September!

Here’s an excerpt…

The night energy was different, more frenetic, more anxious. It crawled along my skin and fed my soul. I wanted more. I needed more. I wanted to take what I wanted and to hell with the rules.  
But I couldn’t. Not yet. 

I knew what passersby saw when they looked at me. A slim, fit woman in her midtwenties with blonde hair that fell just below her shoulders. Just like thousands of other women in the city, easily dismissed from their memory. Some of them looked at me for a little longer. Sometimes, it was with the concern that one stranger has for another as they wondered why I didn’t seem to sense the danger they unconsciously did. Those people looked at me and saw a victim waiting to happen. Men looked at me for baser reasons, seeing a woman they wanted to fuck and toss aside when they were finished.  

No matter what they saw when they looked at me, none of them saw danger in my face. They didn’t look at me and see someone they should fear.  

Maybe that was their mistake. 

Last Night is available for preorder now through your favorite retailer at Books2Read!

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