Seven Sentences on Saturday: Last Call

Posted 12.8.2018 | Saturday
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Photo by Derek Torsani on Unsplash


From Last Call, releasing on 17 January 2019, © Kim Deister

Coach turned his attention to the left and gestured to someone that none of us could see. When he walked into sight and stopped next to Coach, I felt my heart pitter-pat. Holy Jesus. I wasn’t a religious woman, but standing in front of me was a godlike example of maleness.

He had to be pushing six feet, at least. Dirty blond hair perfectly imperfect in a way that only looked good when the guy didn’t even bother to try to make it that way. He had a strong, chiseled jaw with the faintest hint of a cleft in his chin, hidden by just enough scruff to be hot as hell. And my undoing… a light dusting of freckles across his ridiculously perfect face.

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