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Posted 2.21.2019 | Thursday
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I can’t even imagine how many books I’ve read in my 25 **cough** 48 years. But there are some that stick with me, books that need to be read by everyone.

This book rattled my entire world. The realism was terrifying, the knowledge that the world could so easily become what it was in the novel. Scarier, too, is the fact that the author based the entire story on events that have and are still occurring in the world. It is a book I can’t ever forget.

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This is another book that rocked my world. It is an alternative reality, but one based in a world that could be our own. It’s a book that makes you ask the hard questions about life as you know it.

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Set in a near-future NYC, this book is mind-blowing. The values of humanity of changed, but that is where the mind blowing begins. How much, really, has it changed. On the surface, the world and its inherent beliefs the author created seem outrageous. But are they truly? This is a book that makes you examine your own beliefs and values.

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What are some of the books that you’ve read that you think other people need to read?

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