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Posted 10.5.2022 | Wednesday
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One of things I do almost every day before I start writing is journal with writing prompts. I usually set a timer for fifteen minutes and just write. Not for any book or story, just to get the juices running. One of my prompt sources is The Writer’s Toolbox, which was a gift from my eldest a few years ago. But I also use prompt generators. And some of what they generate? I’m not sure they’d ever make a writable or readable book, but they are hilarious. Here are some gems…

Write a 800 word story in the comedy genre. It’s about a crazy ice cream maker and should include a whistle. Also use the sentence ‘I’m sorry.’ Bonus prompt: The story takes place in a desert.

How does this become a coherent story?! First thoughts… I’m picturing Slab City, CA in the Sonoran Desert. The ice cream maker is a machine rather than a human. But what constitutes “crazy” in a machine? And then there’s the matter of a whistle and an apology. I’m stumped.

The door slammed on the watermelon.

Ummm, okay? I suppose this could make for a scene with an awkward exit.

Tuesdays are free if you bring a gnome costume.

I fear this one could go soooo many ways. Some funny, some just weird!

The fifty mannequin heads floating in the pool kind of freaked them out.

A thriller, 100%. It gives me Herb Baumeister vibes, a serial killer who filled his pool with mannequins.

My uncle’s favorite pastime was building cars out of noodles.

I don’t even know where to go with this! Doesn’t seem like an efficient building material.

Write a 650 word story in the fairy tale genre. It’s about a programmer and should include a dictionary. Also use the sentence ‘You shouldn’t have heard that.’ Bonus prompt: There is a great storm.

Fairy tales and programming seem like very opposite ends of the spectrum.

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