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Posted 10.26.2022 | Wednesday
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I love, love, love cozy mysteries! I think it started when I was a teenager watching Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote with my grandmother. (It’s streaming on Peacock, by the way!) There’s something about the format of a cozy mystery that just appeals to me.

Most of them have a small-town vibe, which makes me nostalgic for my own hometown. I’ve lived a lot of places since I was a teenager, so it feels familiar in a way I really love.

And I love that the amateur sleuth is almost always a woman. It’s her smarts and life experiences that give her a unique perspective to solve the case, rather than training as somebody actually in the criminal justice field. I love that, because it lets the reader see themselves in her, an everyday women doing her thing!

I also love that there are a lot of niches in the cozy mystery world, too, something for every taste. Like Diane Mott Davidson… her books feature Goldie, a chef/sleuth, the novels including recipes. And Betty Hecht, who writes a series with a crochet theme. Or Laura Childs, with a series based around a tea shop. There’s a theme for everyone, one of my favorites a witchy theme.

Do you read cozy mysteries?

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