Quotable Quotes: Part II

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Last month, I shared some “category” quotes… funny quotes, thought-provoking quotes, quotes that gave me all the feels. Today I thought I’d share some quotes from some of my favorite thrillers!

“People thought silence meant the absence of noise, and sometimes it did, but other times it screamed so loudly she had to fight not to cover her ears.”

Darby Kane, Pretty Little Wife

“You have to voice your thoughts so you can know you’re not the only one who’s fucked up.”

Tarryn Fisher, I Can Be a Better You

“I think the important thing to realize, to try and remember, is that grief doesn’t have a rule book. You’re allowed to feel every emotion under the sun. You’re even allowed to invent new ones.”

Katrina Leno, Horrid

“We’re all just waiting for someone to stand behind us, aren’t we? Even if it’s just one person, it gives you strength.”

The Wives, by Tarryn Fisher

“It’s possible to know – like really know – another human being. But I’m starting to think that most of us never even want to try and know another person until it’s too late to save them.”

The Darkest Corner, by Kara Thomas

“What if insanity is just a heightened sense of perception?”

The Bird Eater, Ania Ahlborn

“That’s the thing about mistakes. Not all of them can be fixed.”

The Night Swim, Megan Goldin

“Didn’t he know that once words were out, they stuck in people’s minds like barbs?”

The Wrong Family, Tarryn Fisher

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