Seven Sentences on Saturday: Finding Zaide

Posted 12.1.2018 | Saturday
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Photo by Derek Torsani on Unsplash


From Finding Zaide, releasing on 1 April 2019 in the Love is Love anthology, © Kim Deister

My toe touched the garbage can under the desk and I started to reach for it, more willing to barf in that than all over my desk. But I knew that just holding it in my hand would be tacit permission for my upchuck reflex to engage. So, I resisted the temptation, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and prayed like hell to any available god for my stomach to take pity on me and settle itself.

Plucking a peppermint candy from the pile next to me, I unwrapped it and popped it in my mouth. Grandma Mona swore, hand to heaven, that they cured all manner of ills. I was on my fifth one in an hour and I called bullshit. I felt six ways to hell, just with peppermint-fresh breath.

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