The Coronapocalypse: Bookworm Style

Posted 10.23.2020 | Friday
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Let’s face it… 2020 has been a bust as years go. One of the few plusses has been the super cute book-and-reading-themed face masks! I’m not going to lie… I’ve gotten more than one for myself!

I love this one from The Keeping Jar on Etsy! She has others, too, that are book-themed.


This one is so cute! It’s from Masked Seamstress, also on Etsy.


This mask is from Storiarts, and a portion of the proceeds go to LitWorld, to fight worldwide illiteracy.


These are from Nova Bookish on Etsy! There are a slew of book-themed masks, too!


This is another library love one from Botanical Snowflake on Etsy!


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  1. Oh my goodness! I am Carly, the creative force of The Keeping Jar! I am so floored to see my work on your page! Contact me- I would love to give you a little thank you gift!

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