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Posted 3.28.2017 | Tuesday
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So Kissing Frogs is with the amazing Trenda London of It’s Your Story Content Editing. It’s already been through one round with her and she is everything I was told she was. She’s fantastic at critiquing work without making the author feel terrible, which is something I appreciate! Her advice is dead-on and thought-provoking. Author Jessi Gibson recommended her to me and I can’t thank her enough. Trenda is like a word dentist… pulling the words right out of you!

And while Kissing Frogs is with her, I’ve been working on One Stormy Night, the prequel novella.  This will be Finn’s story, his life before the events of Kissing Frogs.  It will be a very different view of him, but it will explain a lot about why he found himself in the circumstances he did in the full-length novel.

Behind the scenes, I’m getting ready to start scheduling a cover reveal and the release day tour.  I’m so excited to share Finn and Cassidy’s story with you!

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