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Posted 2.5.2019 | Tuesday
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From Bound by Brenda Rothert

“Real me don’t read books to relieve tension. We either fight or fuck.” -Ryke

“I wasn’t a woman who let fear and worry rule my decisions. Not in my heart, anyway.” -Kate

From Redoubt (Collegium Chronicles, #3) by Mercedes Lackey…

“Herald Trainee Mags and his Companion Dallen stood so quietly in the blue dusk that they might have been an equestrian statue.”

“The last light of the sun burned a rim of muted rose against the trees and the wall around the western side of the Palace.”

The first chapter, first paragraph of Bound by Brenda Rothert

Dec. 2012 — Kate
Sex When You’re Expecting: Is it Safe?

I rolled my eyes and sighed at the headline in the waiting room’s Modern Pregnancy magazine.

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