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Posted 12.18.2020 | Friday
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Aside from a shared love of reading and books, there is a universal truth about bookworms.

There are no two readers alike.

Go to a bookstore, or a library, or a coffee shop, or your own circle of bookworm friends. You’ll see readers of all kinds. Some are loyalists to a type, some drift from type to type. I’m probably the latter.

So let’s talk about reader types!

1. The Series Lovers

These are the readers that can’t stand standalones, needing an entire series to enrapture them. Standalones just don’t have enough to keep them happy.

I love a good series, but I love a good standalone, too!

2. The Poly Reader

These are the readers that love to read multiple books at a time. One is just not enough, which makes the Poly Reader often a Mood Reader, too.

THIS IS ME!! A Poly Mood Reader!

3. The Mood Reader

These are the readers that read by mood, picking books by what they want in the moment. Maybe it’s a romance, maybe a thriller.

This is me, totally. That’s why I’m also a Poly Reader, because I read different genres at the same time, so I have a book for any mood.

4. The Hard Copy Loyalists

Just like it sounds, these are the readers who are loyal to a physical book, whether it’s a paperback or a hardcover. An ebook is barely a book.

Definitely NOT me!

5. The Spoilers

Oddly, this is a thing. They are the readers who flip to the end of the book before reading much beyond the first few chapters, if that. These are the readers who don’t like surprises, for whom the joy is found in the journey between the beginning and the end.

Sadly, when I was young, I was a Spoiler. Now, I can’t imagine why!

6. The Feelers

Do you love a book with all the feels? Then you might have some of the Feeler in you. They seek out emotionally intense reads, wanting to feel everything along with the characters.

I can definitely be a Feeler!

7. The Noted

Notebooks full of quotes, jotted thoughts… these are the hallmarks of the Noted. They are the readers that like to keep the moments of a book that make them think.

I can be that way. Usually it’s a quote that catches my eye!

So what about you? Do you fit into any of these categories?

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