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Posted 10.30.2016 | Sunday
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I’ve been so busy with rewrites for I Kissed a Frog and working on the first draft of Last Night that it completely slipped my notice that the annual tradition of NaNoWriMo was fast approaching.  So here I sit, two days before it starts, at Green World Coffee on a Sunday morning brainstorming, planning, and doing some story sketches.  No outline, which is really kind of par for the course.

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For somebody who is as organized as I try to be in the rest of my life, that doesn’t always transfer over to my writing life.  I tend to be a Plantster.  Plotter + Pantser = Plantster.  I have a vague idea of my story’s theme, arc, and characters and usually some scenes.  But that’s about it.   When I sit down to write, that’s when the gaps are filled in.

It goes against every bit of advice my writing professors gave me in college, but I outline after the first draft and before I start edits and rewrites.  I like to just write my first draft with no restrictions or preconceived notions.  I just want to go where the characters take me.  Then I read through and outline what I’ve written.  Doing it that way helps me find all those plot holes and lets me target the places where I need to do some first aid.  It may go against conventional wisdom, but it works for me!

So November should be interesting…

  1. Mom of 4
  2. Wife to 1
  3. Rewrites and edits on Frog
  4. Writing Last Night
  5. NaNoWriMo-ing like a boss
  6. Oh, yeah!  And Thanksgiving

I might be taking on a little too much, but who needs sleep and sanity?


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